We provide Career training for workers throughout the NYC area.  Our particular expertise are in the field of Construction Safety.

Safety regulations and training requirements for OSHA and the NYC Department of Buildings are changning faster than ever.  Growing concerns for workers and public safety lead to updated safety laws, such as those taking effect on July 1, 2009, which will mandate all workers in the construction industry of NYC to attend and complete an OSHA 10 Hour safety course.

Contact us now for a free consultation regarding safety training and current code regulations.  We are happy to answer your questions about all of the newest local laws and what they mean for you.

Our professional, affordable services include:

-  10 and 30 Hour OSHA training
-  4 Hour Supported Scaffold User training
-  Providing full Time or fill in Licensed Site Safety Managers
-  Professional site safety managers for meetings / audits
-  Periodic on-site safety inspections
-  Written site safety programs / Site Safety Plans
-  Customer Service Training
-  English as a Second Language (Chinese and Spanish speaking instructors available)